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Research reports » Strategic Implications of the Second Digital Dividend

Strategic Implications of the Second Digital Dividend

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Sep 22, 2016 by admin

This 113 page report explores the strategic implications of the second digital dividend for European mobile network, operators, broadcasters, device manufacturers and regulators. Using scenario analysis, the report considers the potential impacts on the mobile market and related fields.

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The report contains 26 diagrams and tables

With the growing enthusiasm for a second digital dividend 700 Mhz looks set to become a significant mobile band. Strategically, what will this mean for your organisation?  

  • What will be the effect on mobile markets, revenues and business models?
  • How will component manufacturing, broadcasting and consumer electronics be affected?
  • Will there be an impact in unexpected areas like advertising and television programming?
  • How much global harmonization will there be? 
  • How quickly will the spectrum be made available? 
  • How will incumbent spectrum users react?


The development of 700 MHz will influence, and be influenced by, a disparate range of factors including changes in consumer behaviour, speed of adoption and the reaction of incumbents. To encompass these The Strategic Implications of the Second Digital Dividend adopts a unique methodology, constructing three scenarios to map out the variables. 

Key benefits

Strategic Implications of the Second Digital Dividend is written by experienced analysts - Simon Forge (SCF Associates Ltd) and Colin Blackman (Camford Associates) - who have led numerous research projects for the European Commission and blue chip companies. The report will enable you to:

  • Use the detailed scenarios to assess the implications of the second digital dividend.
  • Identify what the impacts will be on spectrum availability and values at auctions.
  • Learn how changing mobile revenue patterns may affect and be affected by spectrum allocation.
  • Understand how new spectrum regimes will affect the TV and radio industry, advertising and the types and growth of web services?
  • How will spectrum choices affect the handset, tablet, eReader and PC markets? 

To find out more download the full brochure and table of contents. 

Who should buy this report:

  • Mobile network operators
  • Handset and other device manufacturers
  • Broadcasters 
  • Regulators and policy-makers
  • Web services companies
  • Wireless ISPs


The report is priced at GBP2200 + VAT for up to five users within a single organisation. Please enquire for corporate licensing options. 

The report is available in secured pdf format to view on Windows and Mac computers as well as iPADs. 

Ordering takes only a few moments using this online form. For more information please call us on +44 (0)20 7100 2875 or email reports [@]

We are holding a discussion seminar on this topic on 11 February.  If you buy a copy of the report before then you are automatically entitled to attend. 

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