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Ofcom treads carefully on spectrum trading Premium

Mar 27, 2004 by Martin Sims

Ofcom, the UK’s newly converged communications regulator, will have its mettle tested in the coming year as it considers what are expected to be a number of disparate submissions from the industry, government and the public on a proposed new system for tr

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EC calls for press reform in Japan Premium

Mar 24, 2004 by Martin Sims

The EC will continue to lobby for changes to Japan’s press club system despite accusations of cultural bias.

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ICANN rejects third world criticism Premium

Mar 19, 2004 by Martin Sims

The head of the body which manages internet addresses has defended ICANN after criticism from developing countries who want the organisation’s functions transferred to the UN.

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EC seeks regulatory clarity Premium

Apr 08, 2004 by Martin Sims

Future of PLC-based Internet appears 'blinking'

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Pioneer puts its creation on a firm footing at last! Premium

Jan 17, 2004 by Martin Sims

A dramatic change in attitudes towards digital radio in France has been set out in a consultation initiated by the government.

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