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Release of UWB documentation imminent Premium

Jan 07, 2005 by Martin Sims

It has taken longer than anticipated but the UK regulator, Ofcom, is expected to release the final text of the Mason Report alongside its UWB consultation and spectrum implementation plan on January 13th.

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The big issues for 2005 Premium

Jan 06, 2005 by Martin Sims

We predict that three things will dominate ICT policy debates: the Lisbon Agenda; the progress of spectrum trading in the UK; and the growing pressures on mobile operators.

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New attempts to resolve standards deadlock Premium

Dec 20, 2004 by Martin Sims

Will 2005 be the year that regulators find a roadmap for the commercial delivery of PLT? There will be fresh efforts to agree a global harmonised standard and a new European initiative will try to define acceptable levels of interference.

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Ineffectual regulators: is some axe wielding necessary? Premium

Dec 10, 2004 by Martin Sims

A competitive European telecommunications market may be some way off but the firm line taken on ineffectual regulators by the EC in its latest update on electronic communications regulation may suggest a glimmer of hope for new entrants.

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UWB: can standards bodies make the shift into liberal gear? Premium

Dec 09, 2004 by Martin Sims

The European Commission has urged standards bodies working on Ultra Wide Band regulation to break the mould of relying on ‘worst case scenarios’ of interference.

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Citizens and business to benefit from new DG InfoSoc Premium

Dec 07, 2004 by Martin Sims

In this second extract from an interview with new DG InfoSoc Commissioner, Viviane Reding, PolicyTracker reveals a clear shift in this department's strategy.

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Central database could smooth European spectrum strategy Premium

Dec 02, 2004 by Martin Sims

Industry needs more information about spectrum management according to a study designed to find ways of accelerating the development of spectrum trading and the growth of a pan-European hardware manufacture market.

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New Commissioner prioritises harmonisation of EU spectrum policy Premium

Nov 30, 2004 by Martin Sims

In an exclusive interview, the new IS Commissioner Viviane Reding has spelt out her goal of creating EU-wide blocks of “free spectrum” to encourage investment and the development of new services.

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A delicate balancing act Premium

Nov 30, 2004 by Martin Sims

Distinguishing between operator self interest and effective ways of stimulating a new market is the difficult task facing the European Commisssion.

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Impatience over pace of spectrum reform Premium

Nov 28, 2004 by Martin Sims

The European Commission (EC) may have succeeded in shifting the spectrum reform debate from the realms of heresy into mainstream ground this past year, but regulatory inaction across Europe is still seen as a major obstacle to change.

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UK Spectrum Framework Review in time for Christmas trading Premium

Nov 26, 2004 by Martin Sims

The UK may be leading the pack with the release of its Spectrum Framework Review (SFR), but if spectrum trading with liberalisation of use is to deliver on its promises, pan-European spectrum reform following Ofcom’s liberal approach will be necessary.

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Regulators probe hi-tech directory system Premium

Nov 18, 2004 by Martin Sims

Electronic numbering can smooth telco’s transition to an all-IP world but it is dogged by privacy concerns and doubts about its business model.

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VoiP: regulating the big boys Premium

Nov 16, 2004 by Martin Sims

A great deal of attention has been given to regulating Voice over Internet Protocol (VoiP) services in recent months but one area which has escaped the limelight is what to do when the leading operators with significant market power enter the fray.

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