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New general tries to motivate the troops Premium

Feb 23, 2005 by Martin Sims

EU member states seem to have forgotten about the Lisbon goal of leading the world information economy, but InfoSoc Commissioner Viviane Reding wants to drum up some enthusiasm with her i2010 initiative

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Arguing over the inheritance Premium

Feb 18, 2005 by Martin Sims

Analogue TV isn’t dead yet but the negotiations on what to do with the free spectrum are proving complex. Can technology neutrality be the principle for allocation? And will the digital dividend be big enough to go round?

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VoiP poised for take off Premium

Feb 11, 2005 by Martin Sims

The European Regulators Group (ERG) has sent a clear signal that it is committed to creating a regulatory environment where Voice over IP (VoiP) services can rapidly flourish.

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i2010: a new information society or new and faster spin? Premium

Feb 04, 2005 by Martin Sims

The information society is to play a lead role in the new European Commission strategy intended to place the Lisbon goals at the centre stage of Community policy.

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Regulatory framework set to come under legal spotlight Premium

Jan 31, 2005 by Martin Sims

The mobile operators at the centre of the controversial joint dominance findings in Ireland are expected appeal the processes that led to this landmark decision.

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Lost in Translation Premium

Jan 29, 2005 by Martin Sims

One of the greatest challenges facing Europe is the linguistic variety in the Internal market, both a blessing of cultural diversity but also a barrier to cross-border deployment of services.

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Strong support from big players keeps UMTS Forum afloat Premium

Jan 29, 2005 by Martin Sims

Backing by a major mobile operator and a manufacturer have kept the technology-led UMTS Forum above water albeit in a somewhat slimmed down form.

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ComReg to test spectrum trading on national business radio Premium

Jan 27, 2005 by Martin Sims

The Commission for Communications Regulation in Ireland has set in motion a process to review its spectrum management strategy which includes investigating whether market mechanisms are more effective than the current system which refarms licences.

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Regulator steps down after mounting pressure Premium

Jan 26, 2005 by Martin Sims

Back in December the European Commission’s 10th implementation report cast doubt on the effectiveness of regulation in Slovenia, now the telecoms regulator has resigned after criticism from the country’s own National Competition Authority (NCA).

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Interference: the next hurdle on the road to liberalisation? Premium

Jan 21, 2005 by Martin Sims

UK regulator Ofcom will be pressing for clarity on the question of what constitutes harmful interference, a move which mirrors thinking within European Commission (EC) and represents one of the most important challenges to achieving full liberalisation.

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First spectrum pioneers place bids on e-Bay Premium

Jan 20, 2005 by Martin Sims

The phone may not have been ringing off the hook since spectrum trading was introduced in the UK on December 23rd, but a couple of entrepreneurs have initiated the first trades on the online auction site eBay.

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A sign of the times: technology led forum to shut up shop? Premium

Jan 17, 2005 by Martin Sims

Orange France and Alcatel have thrown their weight behind the beleaguered UMTS Forum the future of which will be determined at a meeting of members later this month.

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Vonage launch underlines importance of numbering policy Premium

Jan 13, 2005 by Martin Sims

The biggest U.S. VoIP provider has opened for business in the UK while taking a sideswipe at regulators in Germany.

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