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New Ofcom wireless mic arrangement get qualified support Premium

Nov 19, 2007 by Martin Sims

The UK regulator's decision to allow the users of wireless microphones temporary access to released TV analogue channels has been welcomed by a trade body as a step in the right direction.

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WRC-07: 'nobody has lost, everybody has gained' Premium

Nov 16, 2007 by Martin Sims

The ITU says WRC-07, which concludes today, is a great success which will deliver enormous benefits for the ICT sector and the developed and developing worlds alike. But broadcasters remain concerned.

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Clearer picture emerges on WRC-07 mobile spectrum allocations Premium

Nov 15, 2007 by Martin Sims

The World Radio Conference in Geneva has identified four bands for advanced mobile services, including some currently used by TV and satellite services, but these are not all global allocations.

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Europe's first technology neutral 2.6GHz auction raises €29M Premium

Nov 25, 2009 by Martin Sims

Prices paid for wireless broadband spectrum in Norway suggest strong valuations when the same frequencies are auctioned in the UK and Sweden next year. On the same basis a UK auction would raise €375M and a Swedish auction €56M.

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Framework proposals a ‘boost for the wireless economy’ (Audio available) Premium

Dec 23, 2008 by Martin Sims

The European Commission this afternoon unveiled virtually unchanged Framework Review proposals: EU-wide rules for secondary trading; a presumption of service and technology neutrality and the creation of a EU telecoms regulator.

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Europe's broadcasters warn about dangers of service neutrality Premium

Nov 09, 2007 by Martin Sims

Introducing service neutrality in the broadcast bands could increase interference, undermine cultural policy goals and lead to substantial wastage of spectrum, say broadcasters from both the public and commercial sectors.

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UWB camp applauds Europe's UWB decision Premium

Dec 14, 2006 by Martin Sims

Nobody said it would be easy but nobody thought it would be this hard! At last, however, the harmonised introduction of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) products in Europe is imminent and both industry and regulators are happy.

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Ofcom's 2.6GHz auction strategy puts the consumer first Premium

Dec 11, 2006 by Martin Sims

UK regulator Ofcom today tentatively outlined its strategy for auctioning the coveted 2.6GHz band, but given continued disagreement over technology neutrality at a European level, is the end of 2007 for completing the award somewhat ambitious.

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November 2007 printed issue available for download Premium

Dec 23, 2008 by Martin Sims

Our top story this month is the progress made on opening up the mobile bands at the RA-07 and WRC-07 ITU meetings in Geneva.

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Geneva ITU meetings increase flexibility for mobile Premium

Nov 02, 2007 by Martin Sims

Delegates have moved towards technology neutrality by admitting WiMAX into IMT-2000 and combining 3G and 4G allocations. However, agreement on the key agenda item, identifying spectrum for new mobile services, is no closer.

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WRC-07 agrees flexibility for 3G and 4G spectrum Premium

Oct 31, 2007 by Martin Sims

In the mobile field WRC-07 has made progress on the categorisation issue but seems no closer to agreement on the key agenda item, identifying spectrum for new services.

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Mobiles on aircraft: RyanAir due to make world's first commercial deployment by year-end Premium

Oct 30, 2007 by Martin Sims

Wide-ranging pressure is producing significant progress with 16 European regulators having approved the use of mobiles on aircraft. Trials in three EU countries as well as a Commission recommendation are expected by December.

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No "magic bullet" replacement for traditional means of preventing interference Premium

Oct 26, 2007 by Martin Sims

Alternative ways of controlling interference have only limited application, says a new study. However, it is expected to make controversial recommendations like removing reference to safety services from the definition of harmful interference.

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