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May 2008 printed issue available for download Premium

Dec 23, 2008 by Martin Sims

This month's issue is bigger than usual and includes a special report on public sector spectrum.

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Public sector special report (3) - More spectrum for whom? Premium

Apr 30, 2008 by Martin Sims

While liberalisers and commercial companies cast an envious eye over public sector holdings, many in the military and emergency services think they are the ones that need more spectrum. So is there any hope for frequency release?

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Public sector special report (2): the first achievement is psychological Premium

Apr 29, 2008 by Martin Sims

A three year exercise to improve public sector spectrum efficiency has just ended in the Netherlands. The main benefit has not been the amount of spectrum clawed back but the change in attitudes.

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Opinion - globalisation starts to unpick traditional regional alliances Premium

Jan 07, 2009 by Ross Bateson

Acquisitions and investments in foreign markets by Middle Eastern mobile companies is unravelling the unity of Arab countries on international spectrum policy, argues Ross Bateson

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German industry fights for digital dividend access Premium

Jan 07, 2009 by Michael Newlands

Despite official claims that there is no digital dividend in Germany, the country’s largest communications association says there clearly is but it's been grabbed by the powerful broadcasting industry.

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Special report - do we know how much spectrum the public sector uses? Premium

Feb 13, 2009 by Martin Sims

Probably not seems the likely answer in many countries. Political control over spectrum allocation is another issue troubling Europe's regulators as they try to find the best way of ensuring public sector spectrum efficiency.

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French commission strikes conciliatory note Premium

Apr 11, 2008 by Martin Sims

There should be enough spectrum to accommodate the ambitions of both TV companies and telecoms operators when France’s digital switchover is complete, according to the country’s digital dividend commission.

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Could there be a world trade agreement on spectrum? Premium

Apr 10, 2008 by Martin Sims

With a secondary market operating in an increasing number of countries is it time for a specific set of WTO agreements on spectrum management? Some thought has clearly been given to this issue in diplomatic circles, writes Scott Billquist.

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Google turns attention to TV white space and the rest of the world Premium

Apr 08, 2008 by Martin Sims

Following what it regards as a successful campaign in the US 700MHz auction, Google is stepping up its lobbying for “greater wireless choice and innovation” both in the US and internationally.

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Mobiles services on aircraft surge ahead...except in the US Premium

Apr 04, 2008 by Martin Sims

The last few weeks have a seen a series of milestones for the use of mobiles on aircraft in Europe including the first authorised calls; approval from the UK regulator and the imminent arrival of a commercial service in Ireland.

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MEPs hold inconclusive public hearing on digital dividend Premium

Apr 02, 2008 by Martin Sims

The Industry Committee's latest mini-hearing saw some familiar arguments raised but little sign of emerging political agreement.

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Digital dividend: is a compromise emerging? Premium

Apr 01, 2008 by Martin Sims

With growing support for the European Commission’s 'clusters' approach and Vodafone saying broadcasters should get HD spectrum, a meeting of minds on the principles of reusing the analogue TV bands appears closer.

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April 2008 printed issue available for download Premium

Dec 23, 2008 by Martin Sims

Our top story this month is the new mood of compromise over allocating the released analogue TV frequencies

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