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UWB adds China to its global footprint Premium

UWB adds China to its global footprint
Feb 11, 2009 by Michael Newlands

China’s Ministry of Information Industry Technology has approved the use of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology in the country with immediate effect.

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Flexible spectrum licensing: comparing the UK and Australia Premium

Feb 16, 2009 by Andrew Kerans, Gabriel Phillips and William Webb

There is no “best” approach for liberalising spectrum licensing, argue three experts with detailed knowledge of both countries. The optimal solution will vary from country to country and depends on factors like population size.

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UK mobile operators told to sort out GSM refarming by April or face imposed solution Premium

Feb 09, 2009 by Michael Newlands

Spectrum liberalisation is at the heart of the UK government’s new plan to boost the digital economy. It takes a get tough approach over 900MHz refarming and says the UK digital dividend should be harmonised with the rest of Europe.

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Qualcomm furious as US Digital switchover postponed until June Premium

Feb 06, 2009 by Michael Newlands

It’s now official: the US switchover from analogue to digital broadcasting is to be delayed from February 17 to June 12 following the second vote in a week in the House of Representatives.

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Fulfilling IMT-Advanced potential requires cooperation with regulators Premium

Feb 05, 2009 by Scott Billquist, Geneva Correspondent

The next generation of wireless technologies would ideally like something that regulators would never grant: 100MHz of downlink spectrum. Study groups see bandwidth aggregation as a possible solution but variation in regulatory approaches could make this difficult to implement.

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Russia backs speedy addition of TDD and FDD duplex methods to IMT Premium

Feb 03, 2009 by Scott Billquist

The administration of the Russian Federation has proposed updating the International Mobile Telecommunications suite of radio interface technologies to quickly include new duplex methods, according to Yury Trofimov of Russia's Radio Research and Development Institute.

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February 2009 printed issue available for download Premium

Feb 02, 2009 by Martin Sims

Our top story this month is the Whitespace coalition launching a European campaign to get access to the unused portions of the broadcasting spectrum.

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Whitespace coalition launches European campaign Premium

Jan 30, 2009 by Dugie Standeford

The computer and electronics giants which persuaded the US to open up licence-exempt spectrum “white spaces” for cognitive radio are now calling on European nations to follow suit. However, officials say regulatory, technical and economic issues must be ironed out first.

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Lower house rejects Obama’s switchover delay plan Premium

Jan 29, 2009 by Michael Newlands

New US President Barrack Obama’s attempt to delay the switchover from analogue to digital television from February 17 to June 12 was derailed yesterday (28 January) when the proposal failed to get the necessary two thirds majority in the House of Representatives.

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India: state telcos push ahead with 3G as auctions delays continue Premium

Jan 28, 2009 by Michael Newlands

The large-scale introduction of 3G in India continues to be put back with inter-Ministry squabbles, lawsuits, the economic crisis and a looming general election all helping to delay the auctions which would allow commercial operators to deploy services.

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World’s biggest mobile market rejects technology neutrality Premium

Jan 27, 2009 by Michael Newlands

China is finally issuing 3G licences but these are for specific technologies, including the home grown TD-SCDMA standard.

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Hong Kong: high prices for LTE but WiMAX spectrum unsold Premium

Jan 27, 2009 by Michael Newlands

The Hong Kong 2.6 GHz auction has closed with what's being described as a "victory for the LTE camp"

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Digital dividend harmonisation gathers momentum Premium

Jan 23, 2009 by Jonathan Watson

Four European countries have confirmed that they will be allocating 790-862 to non-broadcast services; three more nations could well follow suit.

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