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Court insists on prompt payment for French 4G licences Premium

Sep 07, 2011 by Jonathan Watson

France’s highest court, the Conseil d’Etat, has rejected Free Mobile’s demand that fees for licences won in the country’s upcoming 4G spectrum auction should not have to be paid upfront.

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Baltic deals with Russia help to clear the way for LTE in 790–862 MHz band Premium

Sep 06, 2011 by Juris Kaza

The Baltic countries are clearing the way for 4G services across almost all of their territories using the 790–862 MHz digital dividend band.

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Lack of spectrum could hold back 4G innovation in US Premium

Sep 05, 2011 by Dugie Standeford

Spectrum may be “America’s Achilles' heel” in the race for 4G deployment, according to a new report from Deloitte on the technology’s impact on US economic growth and competitiveness.

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Polish regulator calls on Aero 2 to improve free internet services Premium

Sep 01, 2011 by Jaroslaw Adamowski

Poland’s Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) has called on local operator Aero 2 to make it easier for people to access its free internet services, which the company is obliged to provide under the terms of its 2.6 GHz spectrum licence agreement. The regulator said the operator has not been doing enough to meet the tender obligations.

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Bangladesh to charge $1 billion for new 2G licences Premium

Aug 31, 2011 by Michael Newlands

The Bangladeshi government has decided to take on board protests from operators and criticism from the GSM Association in setting its final pricing plans for 2G licence renewals.

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1800 MHz the star of Korean tri-band auction Premium

Jun 23, 2015 by Michael Newlands

The growing attractiveness of 1800 MHz band spectrum to launch LTE services has been underlined by an auction in Korea which saw a 20 MHz lot sell for $925 million.

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Ireland breaks new ground with multi-band auction proposals Premium

Aug 26, 2011 by Michael Newlands

Following a lengthy and detailed consultation process, Ireland’s telecoms regulator has published a draft decision with the aim of holding a multi-band auction within the next few months.

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Telefónica fails in German 3G legal challenge Premium

Aug 25, 2011 by Jonathan Watson

A German court has ruled that the €8.4 billion paid by a Telefónica-led consortium for a 3G licence in August 2000 will not have to be repaid.

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GPS lobby victory could result in 4G mobile duopoly in US Premium

Aug 24, 2011 by Michael Newlands

Whether US regulator the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) comes down on the side of would-be national wholesale broadband network operator LightSquared, and allows it to launch LTE in the lower part of the satellite L-Band, or rules in favour of the GPS lobby and halts the launch, could decide whether there will be a 4G telecoms duopoly.

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LightSquared expected to progress despite GPS opposition Premium

Aug 23, 2011 by Dugie Standeford

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) can convert satellite spectrum into wireless competition but only if industry steps up to the challenge, says LightSquared chief executive Sanjiv Ahuja. The unique project, which uses mobile satellite spectrum (MSS) to build a wholesale wireless network, is facing stiff opposition from the Global Positioning Service (GPS) community but is likely to move forward in some form, one analyst says.

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Draft Indian telecoms policy aims to liberalise spectrum Premium

Aug 22, 2011 by Michael Newlands

A draft national telecoms policy aimed at liberalising the Indian spectrum allocation and licensing process by making it wholly market driven has been drawn up by the country’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and leaked to the local media, although it has not yet been officially published yet.

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Latvia calls on operators to discuss options for 2.6 GHz auction Premium

Aug 18, 2011 by Juris Kaza

Latvia’s Public Utilities Council (PUC) has published a consultative document on its plans for an auction of the 2.6 GHz band by the end of this year, proposing (for discussion by operators) that the contest be held either as a combinatorial clock auction or in a simultaneous multi-round ascending (SMRA) format.

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US signs agreements with neighbours over spectrum sharing on borders Premium

Aug 17, 2011 by Michael Newlands

US telecoms regulator the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has signed agreements with regulators in neighbouring Canada and Mexico to share commercial 700 MHz wireless broadband spectrum in border areas.

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