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Frequency allocation table boundaries set to change at WRC-12 Premium

Oct 27, 2011 by Michael Newlands

While Agenda Item 1.16 at WRC-12 is unlikely to make many headlines, it is very interesting to policy experts because it will probably result in the first change to the ITU’s frequency allocation table in 32 years.

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Do sluggish MSS deployments undermine the case for spectrum harmonisation? Premium

Oct 26, 2011 by Dugie Standeford

Citing the failure of two operators to launch mobile satellite services (MSS) within the contract time frame, the European Commission has taken steps to allow pan-EU enforcement of such agreements, including possible withdrawal of spectrum grants. But does the sluggish response to its efforts to authorise pan-European MSS systems signal problems for harmonisation?

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ITU: up to 1.72 GHz of new spectrum needed for next decade Premium

Oct 25, 2011 by Michael Newlands

A document setting out the likely spectrum requirements for the next generation of mobile services is circulating amongst ITU members prior to its formal presentation at a meeting in Goa next month.

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Belgian 4G auction attracts two potential new entrants Premium

Jul 02, 2015 by Jonathan Watson

Of the five companies that have been approved to participate in Belgium’s 2.6 GHz auction next month, two are potential new entrants.

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Commercial TD-LTE arrives with more major launches imminent Premium

Oct 21, 2011 by Michael Newlands

The momentum propelling TD-LTE towards full commercial launch in the world’s two largest mobile markets continues to build as chipmakers and equipment vendors climb on board the China Mobile-powered bandwagon.

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Market takes dim view of Sprint’s proposed LTE 1900 service Premium

Jun 23, 2015 by Michael Newlands

In the two trading days after announcing that it would launch an LTE nationwide network using refarmed 1900 MHz spectrum, Sprint Nextel’s share price fell by nearly 30 per cent and it has remained at that level in the days since.

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State-owned PMSE equipment resold to users in UK Premium

Oct 19, 2011 by Jonathan Watson

The organisation that represents the UK’s PMSE sector says it is outraged that Equiniti, the company appointed by the regulator Ofcom to help make way for 4G services in the 800 MHz band, is now selling equipment that can be used in the spectrum which the government paid the company to clear.

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PTS looks to 2.3 GHz as Sweden stages lucrative 1800 MHz auction Premium

Oct 18, 2011 by Michael Newlands

The two-part auction of the remaining half of the 1800 MHz band in Sweden came to an end yesterday, leaving two operators with an equal share of the whole band.

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Piecemeal for now, EU-wide in the long term says Kroes Premium

Oct 17, 2011 by Juris Kaza

On specific issues member states are producing EU-wide policies, the Commissioner said last week, but pan-European spectrum licensing should be the ultimate aim.

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Australian regulator's film offers engaging view of spectrum Premium

Oct 13, 2011 by Dugie Standeford

It may never make it to the Sundance or Cannes film festivals, but the movie made by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) about radio spectrum is part of a broader push to spark public interest in and engagement with the wonderful world of spectrum issues.

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India’s new draft telecoms policy lacks detail Premium

Oct 12, 2011 by Michael Newlands

India’s long-awaited new telecoms policy has been published in draft form, but paints a broad picture of the government’s intentions rather than filling in the details.

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Yet another consultation as Ofcom puts back 4G auction again Premium

Oct 11, 2011 by Michael Newlands

Ofcom’s announcement that the UK’s 4G auction is to be pushed back at least another six months to allow for further consultation is just the latest in a long series of delays to a process that began five years ago.

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Italy holds Europe’s most successful 4G auction to date Premium

Oct 11, 2011 by Michael Newlands

Italy’s multi-band spectrum auction exceeded even the government’s most optimistic projections, raising €3.9 billion after a month of bidding.

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