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Progress on legal issues in 2008 Premium

Jan 08, 2009 by Michael Newlands

Several legal landmarks were laid down in the course of the year, the most important being the entry onto the statute books of the WAPECS service and technology neutral licensing regime.

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Work on a common approach to public spectrum Premium

Jan 08, 2009 by Michael Newlands

Greater coordination of Europe’s approach to managing public sector spectrum may become a reality during 2009 with the publication in February of a Radio Spectrum Policy Group report which regulators have been working on for several months.

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Major 2.6GHz auctions planned for 2009 Premium

Jan 08, 2009 by Mike Newlands

Following the success of the 2.6GHz auction in Sweden in 2008, several more 2.6Ghz auctions are planned to take place around Europe throughout 2009.

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Digital dividend taking shape Premium

Jan 07, 2009 by Mike Newlands

In the course of 2009 a clearer picture is likely to emerge of how Europe will use the digital dividend spectrum freed up by the switch from analogue to digital broadcasting.

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Use of whitespace closer to becoming reality Premium

Jan 07, 2009 by Michael Newlands

Considerable progress was made in 2008 towards the use of interleaved or white space spectrum between digital broadcasts in the UHF bands, although broadcasters on both sides of the Atlantic continued to try and block its use.

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January 2009 printed issue available for download Premium

Jan 06, 2009 by Martin Sims

In this month's issue we analyse the agreement reached over the EU framework review package and assess its significance for spectrum policy. We consider the next steps in getting the measure passed and ask whether it is likely to be agreed within the lifetime of this European Parliament.

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UK may revise digital dividend plan to match European harmonisation Premium

Dec 23, 2008 by Michael Newlands

The British government is to take a new look at how to utilise the so-called Digital Dividend, spectrum freed up by the switch from analogue to digital broadcasting, according to Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling.

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New broadcasting technology on ITU agenda for New Year Premium

Dec 23, 2008 by Scott Billquist, Geneva Correspondent

ITU member countries are considering a request to start work on two matters in the broadcasting service and to revise five others, according to a letter circulated by the Radiocommunication Bureau.

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It’s the Czechs' turn to broker a telecoms framework deal Premium

Dec 22, 2008 by Nathalie Vandystadt, Brussels correspondent

Ministers and the European Parliament will spend the next few months intensively negotiating a compromise on the future EU telecommunications rules, the so-called "telecoms package", expected to be applied from 2010.

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FCC delays AWS-3 decision after political pressure Premium

Dec 21, 2008 by Mike Newlands

The US Federal Communications Commission is being accused of unlawful behaviour after cancelling a meeting scheduled for December 18. The regulator acted after receiving a letter from the incoming administration.

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Radio amateurs say powerline interference has already arrived Premium

Dec 21, 2008 by Michael Newlands

Radio amateurs claim the powerline technology used by the UK’s biggest IPTV service is causing widespread interference. But Ofcom and the operator, BT, say there have been a small number of isolated incidents.

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German government moves to open up UHF to new services Premium

Dec 20, 2008 by Jonathan Watson

The German parliament has unveiled proposals to remove the power of federal states to restrict the use of UHF to broadcasting services only. It’s a huge boost for those seeking the European harmonisation of mobile in UHF.

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ITU examines delivering 3DTV via terrestrial and satellite Premium

ITU examines delivering 3DTV via terrestrial and satellite
Dec 20, 2008 by Scott Billquist, Geneva Correspondent

As policy-makers come to terms with the HDTV revolution the next wave of TV technology - 3DTV and Ultra High Definition - is beginning its progress through the regulatory working groups.

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