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Sep 23, 2008 by admin

India’s new draft telecoms policy lacks detail by Michael Newlands
India’s long-awaited new telecoms policy has been published in draft form, but paints a broad picture of the government’s intentions rather than filling in the details.
Yet another consultation as Ofcom puts back 4G auction again by Michael Newlands
Ofcom’s announcement that the UK’s 4G auction is to be pushed back at least another six months to allow for further consultation is just the latest in a long series of delays to a process that began five years ago.
Italy holds Europe’s most successful 4G auction to date by Michael Newlands
Italy’s multi-band spectrum auction exceeded even the government’s most optimistic projections, raising €3.9 billion after a month of bidding.
Brussels says French DTT allocation breaches EU law by Dugie Standeford
France’s allocation of digital TV frequencies without bidding breached EU antitrust law, the European Commission (EC) has said. The country’s broadcasting policy should be aligned with EU law, added the country’s media regulator the Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSA) in a recent report.
How experimental economics can help with spectrum auctions by Dugie Standeford
Use of experimental economics to test the design of spectrum auctions is growing, but not fast enough, economists say. The approach can help develop new ways to assign spectrum but does not guarantee a successful outcome, says Karen Wrege, senior auction consultant at Power Auctions.
Ofcom urged to "wake up" to interference issues from LTE 800 by Michael Newlands
UK regulator Ofcom has not grasped the likely extent of interference either with TV broadcasting or short-range devices once the digital dividend 800 MHz band starts being used for wireless broadband, according to an independent spectrum consultant.
A new network but £3.9 billion cheaper than mobile by Martin Sims
A new wireless standard could create a nationwide white space network for between £50 million and £100 million rather than the £4 billion typical cost of a mobile network, it's claimed. The Weightless standard has been designed primarily for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, but could also be used for media content delivery, asset tracking and other applications.
Poland delays 800 MHz auction by Jaroslaw Adamowski
Poland’s Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) has announced it is to delay the launch of the long-awaited auction for LTE licences in the 790-862 MHz digital dividend band until 2013-2014. The regulator blamed the decision on a number of technical and administrative difficulties relating to the auction and to the transfer of the spectrum, which is currently used by the Polish Army, for civilian use.
Mobile industry stakes claim to Latin America’s digital dividend by Dugie Standeford
Allocating spectrum in the 700 MHz broadcast band to mobile services could bring around $15 billion into the Latin American economy and expand mobile coverage to nearly 93 per cent of the population, according to a report presented on 22 September at the ITU global symposium for regulators in Armenia, Colombia.
French incumbents win 2.6 GHz spectrum by Jonathan Watson
French regulator ARCEP has awarded spectrum in the 2.6 GHz band to the country’s four main mobile operators.
Spectrum swaps start to defragment 1800 MHz band in Australia by Michael Newlands
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is working with the country’s mobile operators to arrange spectrum swaps in the fragmented 1800 MHz band to allow the launch of LTE before the digital dividend 700 MHz band becomes available.
Spectrum policy drives 3G coverage in Guatemala and El Salvador by Dugie Standeford
Guatemala and El Salvador have taken novel approaches to spectrum allocation but their regimes aren’t likely to set a trend despite global interest in greater spectrum liberalisation.
Spain plans new spectrum auction by Jonathan Watson
Spain’s ministry of industry, tourism and communications (MITYC) is planning a new auction to allocate the spectrum that was left unsold at the end of its previous auction, held in July.
Aussies propose combinatorial auction format for 4G spectrum by Michael Newlands
Spectrum regulator the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has announced it will use a combinatorial clock auction (CCA) format for the first time in next year’s planned auction of 4G spectrum.
Four apply for French 2.6 GHz spectrum by Jonathan Watson
France’s four main mobile operators have all applied to take part in the country’s 2.6 GHz auction, according to telecoms regulator ARCEP.
US white space database tests begin by Dugie Standeford
Spectrum Bridge will begin testing its white space database system today. The 45-day public trial will help determine whether the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) grants the company final approval to operate the database in the TV band.
Mobily launches world’s first TD-LTE network in Saudi Arabia by Michael Newlands
Mobily, the Saudi Arabian subsidiary of UAE telecoms group Etisalat, has launched the world’s first commercial TD-LTE network. It claims this is the first LTE network of any kind in the Middle East and North Africa region.
Mexico ponders “paradigm shift” in spectrum policy by Martin Sims
Mexico's regulators are considering how spectrum policy can play its part in making a highly concentrated market more competitive.
European broadcasters recommend more safeguards against interference by Dugie Standeford
European broadcasters have unveiled new recommendations for preventing harmful interference to digital terrestrial TV (DTT) signals from mobile phones and smartphones in the 790–862 MHz band. The issue of potential interference to cable TV set-top boxes and other consumer equipment from LTE services, meanwhile, may be edging toward a solution.
Italian spectrum auction gets under way by Jonathan Watson
The bidding has now started in Italy’s 4G spectrum auction. According to the country's ministry of development, more than €3 billion had been raised by the end of the eighth day.