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Sep 23, 2008 by admin

UK government drops spectrum reform proposals by Michael Newlands
The UK Labour Party has abandoned attempts to get a special instrument (SI) authorising spectrum reform through parliament before the pre-election recess.
EU and ITU call on Iran to stop satellite interference by Scott Billquist, Geneva Correspondent
In a highly unusual move European foreign ministers and the Radio Regulations Board have demanded action after repeated complaints from broadcasters.
World's first "smart city" wireless network launches using TV white spaces by Scott Billquist
Local officials say the network is a "model for public-private partnerships"
T-Mobile/Orange ordered to sell 1800 MHz spectrum to single buyer by Michael Newlands
The European Commission has released further details of the spectrum-related conditions related to the merger of the UK operations of T-Mobile and Orange.
Switzerland tries to gauge demand for digital terrestrial television by Scott Billquist, Geneva Correspondent
The Swiss regulator, Ofcom, has opened a consultation to assess how many of the non-public broadcasters want to provide DVB-T services.
Border issues with Russia hampers use of digital dividend band by Dugie Standeford
Under pressure to free up the 800 MHz band for wireless services, some European countries are still trying to resolve interference problems with Russia. The RSPG wants the EU to play a larger role in negotiations.
Spectrum policy: no change is not an option says Neelie Kroes by Nathalie Vandystadt, Brussels’ correspondent
Commissioner Kroes used the Spectrum Summit to make a commitment to greater flexibility and greater competition
German court throws out attempts to block auction by Michael Newlands
A bid by Germany’s two smallest mobile operators to halt the planned April 12 superauction of 340 MHz of spectrum in four bands has failed.
Fear of regional lag dominates first EU spectrum summit by Dugie Standeford
There may be different views on the future of EU spectrum policy but summit participants agreed on the need to stop the region falling behind the US and Asia
US “cash for your spectrum” scheme moves off the drawing board by Dugie Standeford
FCC proposals for “incentive” spectrum auctions in which licensees voluntarily give up their spectrum for sale has been welcomed but experts say the devil is in the implementation details.
"Spectrum Dashboard" launched by US regulator by Michael Newlands
US telecoms regulator the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has released a beta version of a user-friendly online spectrum information system featuring licensing data, information, maps and analysis.
Attempts to block UK spectrum legislation rest on disputed claim by Michael Newlands
As mobile operators lobby UK ministers and parliamentarians to block the government’s proposed spectrum modernisation programme, doubts are cast on their basic premise for objecting.
Time is running out to tackle satellite's spectrum shortfall, insiders say by Scott Billquist, Geneva Correspondent
International scientific and technological bodies as well as some countries are raising concerns about mobile satellite allocations being suggested for consideration at WRC-12
Dutch 2.6 GHz auction attracts nine entrants by Michael Newlands
Thanks to restrictions which ensure the bulk of spectrum is reserved for newcomers to the local telecoms market, the upcoming Dutch 2.6 GHz auction has attracted nine bidders.
FCC publishes national broadband plan explaining how to free up 500MHz by Dugie Standeford
Reaction to the spectrum plan has been generally positive, but one FCC commissioner has raised concerns about damaging the public interest.
Satellite and aeronautical interests disagree over changes to coordination procedures by Scott Billquist, Geneva Correspondent
Stakeholders are divided on whether new approaches are needed to ease the deployment of aeronautical services by the mobile satellite community
Auctions and trades to set the framework for UK spectrum by Michael Newlands
If the British government-sponsored spectrum modernisation programme manages to get through the legislative process and possible legal action, it will result in a liberalised spectrum market driven by the laws of supply and demand.
E-Plus and O2 apply for suspension of German 800 MHz auction by Michael Newlands
Germany’s “super auction” of 350 MHz of spectrum in four bands may have to be delayed due to legal action from two of the country’s four incumbent mobile operators.
Passage of UK spectrum proposals depends on the Tories and BT by Michael Newlands
The UK government's plans for digital mobile spectrum look unlikely to be included in the normal business of this parliament but could get agreement in a special “unfinished business” session if they get multi-party consensus.
UK Government makes decision on mobile spectrum by Michael Newlands
Ministers have announced that they are backing a package of measures very similar to that suggested by the UK regulator some years ago. The 2.6 GHz centre band is to be auctioned as soon as possible.