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Sep 23, 2008 by admin

Irish regulator publishes spectrum strategy by Jonathan Watson
ComReg favourably disposed towards spectrum trading; industry seeks clarification on digital dividend
Free wireless broadband for US caught up in political and legal storm by Michael Newlands
Should the company hoping to provide free wireless broadband have to pay for the spectrum? Will the offering interfere with existing mobile services? Just some of the questions holding up the release of AWS-3 spectrum in the US
FCC chairman issues new D Block proposals by Michael Newlands
Kevin Martin, the chairman of US regulator the FCC, has come up with a complex new proposal for auctioning off D Block which fell a long way short of its $1.3 billion reserve price in the 700MHz auction this spring.
Does spectrum policy ignore environmental issues? by Dugie Standeford
There seems little evidence of spectrum regulators addressing the issue of saving energy, a dimension which could be particularly important in allocating the digital dividend.
Member states set to reduce MEPs' ambitions by Nathalie Vandystadt, Brussels correspondent
As well as opposing Parliament's proposals for a body of European regulators the European Council is also against MEPs' plans to expand the role of the spectrum policy advisory body.
More detail needed on frequency release, Ofcom tells Ministry of Defence by Dugie Standeford
Industry says defence chiefs’ liberalisation plans must also take account of research which proves the viability of spectrum sharing.
French Digital Dividend Commission issues recommendations by Jonathan Watson
The French government should allocate the 790-862 MHz band to “electronic communications”, according to the final report of the country’s Digital Dividend Commission.
September 2008 printed issue available for download by Martin Sims
Our top story this month is the implications for spectrum managers of the growth in machine-to-machine communications
World's first managed spectrum park planned for New Zealand by Michael Newlands
A half way house between unlicensed access and exclusive spectrum property rights – known as a Managed Spectrum Park - is on target to open in New Zealand in the second quarter of next year.
Frustration in South Africa at delay in liberalised regulations by Michael Newlands
Much of the South African telecoms industry is getting impatient with the slow progress towards implementing legislation which will, among other things, introduce technology and service neutral licensing.
A moral obligation to provide more spectrum for public protection? by Dugie Standeford
European public safety services are pressing for a share of the digital dividend pie. Top on their wish list is harmonised spectrum in the UHF range for data and broadband communications.
First pan-European selection procedure gets underway by Martin Sims
The European Commission has invited applications to operate mobile satellite services across the whole EU, the first time a spectrum assignment decision has been made on a pan-European basis.
UK 2.6GHz auction further delayed by Martin Sims
Regulator Ofcom has announced that they will not be inviting applications for the 2.6 GHz auction until November at the earliest. The delay is due to continuing legal action.
Time to make plans for 50 billion new customers by Michael Newlands
In the coming decades the 3.5 billion cellphone customers who use the radio spectrum will be joined by 50 billion machines communicating with other machines. Are regulators and standards bodies ready? Michael Newlands investigates
Opinion: The increasing complexity of spectrum choice by Susan Sweet
The large number of auctions over the next few years mean that tried-and-tested rationales for acquiring new frequencies need to be re-examined, argues Susan Sweet of Mott MacDonald Schema
EC Decision harmonises band for intelligent transport systems by Michael Newlands
A new EC decision published this week has harmonised spectrum in the 5875 to 5905M Hz band across the EU for use by Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).
US follows UK lead on public spectrum by Dugie Standeford
The US government has unveiled an ambitious strategy for managing federal spectrum that could ultimately include sharing, trading and the payment of user fees. But experts wonder whether it will ever be put into practice.
Keenly contested Canadian AWS auction brings in €2.7 billion by Michael Newlands
What may be Canada’s most successful spectrum auction from the point of view of both contribution to government coffers and new market entrants came to an end this week.
Mobile sector welcomes MEPs digital dividend report by Nathalie Vandystadt, Brussels Correspondent
The Toia report is a big step forward says GSMA but the task now is to convince member states. Although the report has won the support of the Industry Committee the full Parliament won't vote on it until September.
August 2008 printed issue available for download by Martin Sims
Our top story this month is the European Parliament’s vote on the review of the Telecoms Directive.