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Sep 23, 2008 by admin

Radio amateurs say powerline interference has already arrived by Michael Newlands
Radio amateurs claim the powerline technology used by the UK’s biggest IPTV service is causing widespread interference. But Ofcom and the operator, BT, say there have been a small number of isolated incidents.
German government moves to open up UHF to new services by Jonathan Watson
The German parliament has unveiled proposals to remove the power of federal states to restrict the use of UHF to broadcasting services only. It’s a huge boost for those seeking the European harmonisation of mobile in UHF.
ITU examines delivering 3DTV via terrestrial and satellite by Scott Billquist, Geneva Correspondent
As policy-makers come to terms with the HDTV revolution the next wave of TV technology - 3DTV and Ultra High Definition - is beginning its progress through the regulatory working groups.
Member states reject mandatory liberalisation and further EU harmonisation by Nathalie Vandystadt, Brussels correspondent
The Framework Review compromise brokered by the French EU presidency supports spectrum liberalisation in principle but rejects the Commission’s calls to introduce compulsory measures.
Architect of UK spectrum liberalisation 'disappointed' by number of trades by Martin Sims
Ofcom doesn't agree with Professor Martin Cave's assessment but is considering measures to give potential traders more information about the spectrum available.
Whitespace: Europe's attention turns to the UK by Michael Newlands
Whitespace devices may have got the green light in the US but in Europe doubts remain about the amount of vacant spectrum and the impact on wireless microphone users
WiMAX camp fears another standards battle by Martin Sims
The furore over the eventual admittance of mobile WiMAX to the IMT family is set to flare up again with a disagreement on how to proceed with official recognition of the frequency-division duplexing version of WiMAX.
Countrywide spectrum survey highlights possible unlawful usage by Martin Sims
Initial results from the UK’s first comprehensive mobile spectrum monitoring project show several examples of unexpected and possibly unlawful usage.
Historic decision approves white space use in the US by Martin Sims
Despite a protest campaign mounted by America’s broadcasters, regulator the Federal Communications Commission yesterday officially approved the use of white spaces for wireless broadband following four years of debate.
Framework review agreement greeted with disappointment and hope by Nathalie Vandystadt, Brussels correspondent
The Commission and several member states feel the compromise on the telecoms framework agreed by EU ministers didn’t go far enough but there is optimism about reaching a deal in the lifetime of this Parliament.
December 2008 printed issue available for download by admin
Our theme this month is the framework review package, which European ministers will be discussing in the telecoms council today (27 November 2008).
EU member states set to water down telecom package by Nathalie Vandystadt, Brussels correspondent
Although the telecoms framework compromise due to be agreed by Ministers on Thursday falls short of the Commission's hopes it contains general support for spectrum liberalisation and a boost for MEPs seeking greater influence in this area.
New initiative on stalled GSM Directive by Martin Sims
Brussels has released a new proposal to resolve the dispute between the Commission and the Parliament which for the past 18 months has prevented the re-farming of the 900Mhz band.
License trades show modest levels in Australia by Scott Billquist
More detailed information from The Australian Communications and Media Authority underline the difficulties of making international comparisons about spectrum trading.
Long awaited FCC decisions transform U.S. wireless landscape by Michael Newlands
America has scored a world first in approving the use of whitespace devices. The same FCC meeting which made the decision also gave the green light to create a national WiMAX network.
Which country has the most spectrum trades? by Scott Billquist
With spectrum trading in Europe approaching its fourth anniversary, PolicyTracker asks how many trades have taken place and searches for an international benchmark. Simple questions, but there appear to be no simple answers.
November 2008 printed issue available for download by Martin Sims
Our top story this month is the European Commission’s revised legislative proposals for the telecoms framework review. These cut back the Parliament’s plans to give MEPs more control over spectrum policy.
US broadcasters rally the stars over whitespace row by Michael Newlands
It's a first - Dolly Parton and Neil Diamond have intervened in spectrum policy! Meanwhile the FCC is facing criticism for using election day to hold the meeting which will decide on the whitespace issue.
My priorities: new Commission head of spectrum talks to PolicyTracker by Jonathan Watson
The digital dividend will be the key issue for Brussels in the coming months, according to the new head of DG INFSO's Radio Spectrum Policy Unit.
Plans for political input into EU spectrum policy cut back by Nathalie Vandystadt, Brussels correspondent
Two key amendments to the EU telecoms framework which would have given MEPs more influence over spectrum policy have been deleted from the final legislative proposals being put forward by the Commission.