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Sep 23, 2008 by admin

Growing interest In cognitive radio in India by Dugie Standeford
Microsoft and non-governmental bodies are lobbying for cognitive access to India's airwaves. With much of its spectrum government-controlled and under-utilised they believe the country is fertile ground for the technology.
Momentum builds for Chinese-backed TDD mobile standard by Scott Billquist, Geneva Correspondent
Commercial and Chinese government interests are ramping up efforts to clear the way for TDD mobile technologies in UHF. Their favoured TD-SCDMA standard should now be available in over two hundred Chinese cities with a drive underway to introduce it in other markets ranging from Korea to Ghana.
Row over German digital dividend auction defused for the time being by Dugie Standeford
The German regulator has agreed to ensure its upcoming auction of former analogue TV spectrum does not harm competition, but the European Commission remains wary.
Ministers support next stage of digital dividend harmonisation by Nathalie Vandystadt, Brussels correspondent
The EU Telecoms Council has invited Brussels to produce a technical plan for harmonising the use of mobile services in 790-862 MHz but emphasised the right of Member States to use the band as they see fit. And in an unofficial parting message to her successor Commissioner Viviane Reding has said digital dividend spectrum should be auctioned and made “open access.”
Ofcom to create 6.8 GHz block of license-exempt spectrum by Michael Newlands
UK regulator Ofcom has published a decision to create a large, contiguous block of unlicensed spectrum from 57 to 64 GHz for Fixed Wireless Systems (FWS) despite opposition from some stakeholders.
France awards fourth 3G license by Michael Newlands
Despite attempts by the incumbent operators to block the award, France’s fourth 3G license has now been awarded to the only participant in the beauty contest.
Revitalised Clearwire plans WiMAX expansion in US and abroad by Michael Newlands
As US mobile WiMAX operator Clearwire accelerates rollout in its home market and gets another capital injection, it is now planning launches in Spain and Mexico.
Stockholm and Oslo get world’s first commercial LTE service by Michael Newlands
Scandinavian operator TeliaSonera has taken the telecoms industry by surprise by launching the first LTE networks, in Stockholm and Oslo, ahead of schedule.
LTE in digital dividend likely to interfere with cable by Dugie Standeford
As concerns mount over potential interference with cable and digital receivers by mobile applications in the 800 MHz band, the European Commission announced it will launch its own tests to determine the scope of the problem.
Enhanced role for Radio Spectrum Policy Group by Dugie Standeford
European telecommunications regulatory reform will boost the profile of the Radio Spectrum Policy Group, incoming Chairman Roberto Viola said. Its top job under the new regime will be to help shape an EU spectrum policy designed to last several years.
Thailand gets 3G Lite as commercial auction is pushed back by Michael Newlands
After years of edging ever closer Thailand finally has a 3G service, albeit one run by MVNOs over a state-owned network and limited to the capital Bangkok. Plans for auctioning commercial 2.1 GHz licenses are still up in the air.
South African hybrid auction proposal needs reworking, stakeholders say by Dugie Standeford
ICASA's plan for assigning 2.6 GHz and 3.5 GHz has been criticized from all sides. Some say a beauty contest would be better while others say the two stage process lacks procedural detail.
Former Competition Commissioner to be in charge of radio frequencies by Nathalie Vandystadt, Brussels’ correspondent
Neelie Kroes rather than Viviane Reding is set to get the top job in telecoms. The portfolio which includes spectrum will be called “Digital Agenda” instead of “Information Society”
Railways and RFID eye same small block of frequencies by Scott Billquist, Geneva Correspondent
Regulators and standards bodies are considering how to globally harmonise the expanding European RFID industry while helping the railway GSM network cope with interference. Both technologies want to use spectrum around 920 MHz, but sharing may be a possibility.
Zain forced to abandon takeover of Palestinian operator by Michael Newlands
The takeover of Palestinian incumbent fixed-line operator Paltel and its mobile subsidiary Jawwal by the rapidly growing Zain Group of Kuwait has suddenly and unexpectedly been abandoned.
Bolloré starts French mobile WiMAX rollout in Q1 2010 by Mike Newlands
France’s main holder of 3.5 GHz spectrum, Bolloré Telecom, will start to build a near-nationwide WiMAX network next year, despite having fallen well behind schedule. The company says the service may then “evolve” to LTE.
German 2.6Ghz case expected to go to European Court of Justice by Dugie Standeford
An intervention from the European Commission makes it increasingly likely that the four year old dispute over technology neutrality in 2.6GHz will go all the way to the EU’s highest court. Legal action has also been threatened over Germany's auction of digital dividend spectrum
Why did the Finnish 2.6GHz auction raise so little? by Martin Sims
A lack of competition and an unusual design feature seem the main reasons for the low revenues in Finland’s first auction.
“Telecoms package” passes into law by Martin Sims
The review of the Telecoms Framework Directive has finally been agreed after two years of discussion between the Commission, member states and MEPs.
Finland’s first spectrum auction raises just €3.8 million by Mike Newlands and Martin Sims
Four 2.6Ghz licences in Finland have been sold for a fraction of the amount raised in similar auctions in neighbouring countries.