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Sep 23, 2008 by admin

Spectrum crisis claims are strategic gamesmanship, NAB says by Jonathan Watson
A report from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) casts doubt on some of the projections of mobile data growth that have been used to fuel claims of a “spectrum crisis” - just as the UMTS Forum predicts that voice and data traffic on mobile networks will grow more than 30-fold during the decade ahead.
Belgian cable operators set for 3G spectrum by Jonathan Watson
A partnership formed by two cable operators is the sole applicant for Belgium's fourth 3G licence, according to the Belgian Institute for Post and Telecommunications (BIPT).
Commission rejects French 3G licence complaint by Jonathan Watson
The process for awarding France's fourth 3G mobile licence in 2009 did not involve any state aid, the European Commission has ruled.
European Parliament approves RSPP by Dugie Standeford
Plans for a five-year EU radio spectrum policy roadmap cleared the European Parliament on 11 May with lawmakers overwhelmingly backing amendments aimed at putting Europe in the lead in new broadband services.
LTE 1800 rollout in Lithuania by Michael Newlands
The LTE 1800 bandwagon continues to gain momentum with the launch of a new network in five Lithuanian cities, including the capital Vilnius.
Webb leaves Ofcom with modern spectrum management framework by Michael Newlands
Until returning to the private sector in February this year, William Webb was research director at UK telecoms regulator Ofcom, where he spent seven highly productive and generally happy years. We look back on what he regards as his main achievements.
Latvian regulator hints at lower price for 450 MHz spectrum by Juris Kaza
The new head of the Latvian Public Utilities Commission (PUC), Valdis Lokenbahs, has hinted that the PUC might significantly reduce the starting auction price for frequencies in the 450 MHz band after no one showed up for an auction in February.
Filipino spectrum row seems set to end in court by Michael Newlands
A legal battle over spectrum holdings in the Philippines seems inevitable as the second largest operator tries to prevent the incumbent from taking over the third mobile operator unless it is compensated with extra spectrum.
Portuguese 4G auction to start in June by Jonathan Watson
Portuguese regulator Anacom plans to assign spectrum suitable for 4G services in six bands in an auction that it expects will raise at least €450 million. The auction is due to start next month.
Cognitive radios may be the best way to leverage white spaces by Michael Newlands
In our second article on new technologies being developed to take advantage of the broadcast white space spectrum, we look at US-based cognitive radio pioneer xG Technology, which is aiming to use unlicensed spectrum to compete with mobile operators.
Network for machines planned in white spaces by Michael Newlands
In the first of two articles on new technologies being developed to take advantage of the broadcast white space spectrum, we look at UK start-up Neul, whose high-powered founders are pioneering white space networks for machine to machine (M2M) communications.
Gulf countries adopt European mobile sub-band by Martin Sims
The member nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have agreed to identify 790‒862 MHz for mobile broadband following digital switchover.
ITRE Committee proposes RSPP amendments by Dugie Standeford
There should be 1200 MHz of additional spectrum for mobile data services by 2015, a European Parliament committee said following a recent vote on the European Commission’s proposed five-year radio spectrum policy programme (RSPP).
Israel gets two new 3G operators by Michael Newlands
After winning 3G licences to join the three 3G incumbents, two new players have been promised their auction payments back if they hit subscriber deadlines within five years.
Singaporean operator secures extra 1800 MHz spectrum by Jonathan Watson
Singapore's third largest mobile operator M1 has secured extra spectrum in the 1800 MHz band for S$21.69 million ($17.38 million) following a week-long auction.
US government and mobile industry press for spectrum incentive auctions by Dugie Standeford
The Obama administration and the mobile industry are fiercely lobbying Congress to authorise spectrum incentive auctions. Broadcasters, meanwhile, have accused the government of buying into overhyped fears of a “spectrum crisis” in rushing to reallocate TV frequencies.
Rules and principles to bring broadband to all by Michael Newlands
A set of technical rules published by the European Commission (EC) and a set of principles published by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) both aim in different ways to help bring broadband internet to all in the EU.
Mexican broadcaster wants to use 2.6 GHz band for LTE by Michael Newlands
Mexico’s largest broadcaster, MVS Telecomunicaciones, may buck the worldwide trend of broadcasters losing spectrum to mobile operators by keeping its surplus spectrum to build out a wholesale wireless broadband network.
French operator wants 4G spectrum auction delay by Jonathan Watson
Xavier Niel, founder and chief executive of French telecoms firm Iliad, has written to the country's industry minster Eric Besson to ask for a planned auction of spectrum suitable for 4G services to be delayed.
Private sector sues Lebanese telecoms ministry and state-owned operators by Michael Newlands
A group of private sector ISPs is challenging the legality of 3G networks being built out by Lebanon’s two state-owned operators, Alfa and MTC, on the grounds that they have not been awarded spectrum and operating licences in accordance with telecommunications laws.