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Sep 23, 2008 by admin

US broadcasters rally the stars over whitespace row by Michael Newlands
It's a first - Dolly Parton and Neil Diamond have intervened in spectrum policy! Meanwhile the FCC is facing criticism for using election day to hold the meeting which will decide on the whitespace issue.
My priorities: new Commission head of spectrum talks to PolicyTracker by Jonathan Watson
The digital dividend will be the key issue for Brussels in the coming months, according to the new head of DG INFSO's Radio Spectrum Policy Unit.
Plans for political input into EU spectrum policy cut back by Nathalie Vandystadt, Brussels correspondent
Two key amendments to the EU telecoms framework which would have given MEPs more influence over spectrum policy have been deleted from the final legislative proposals being put forward by the Commission.
French government unveils digital dividend plan by Jonathan Watson
The French government has confirmed that it will allocate the 790 – 892 MHz sub-band released as part of the digital dividend to “next-generation very high-speed fixed-line and mobile networks”.
Spectrum liberalisation barriers must be broken down says UK government by Martin Sims
The UK's commitment to spectrum liberalisation has been underlined in a new communications industry action plan. The government is also determined to get progress on the repeal of the GSM Directive and the UK's stalled 2.6GHz auction.
Ofcom U-turn over spectrum for lifeboats by Michael Newlands
The UK regulator is encountering strong opposition to its plans to introducing spectrum pricing in the aviation and maritime sectors. The issued has been raised in parliament, followed by an abrupt change in Ofcom's proposals.
Study calls for public spectrum modernisation by Dugie Standeford
A study funded by the European Commission due later this month will make some "fairly radical" recommendations on how to improve spectrum use by Europe’s public sector, but take a cautious approach to market-based allocation mechanisms.
Ireland awaits spectrum trading legislation by Jonathan Watson
Legislation enabling spectrum to be traded in Ireland could be in place by 2010, according to the country’s wireless community.
Ireland hopes to become Celtic tiger of wireless Europe by Jonathan Watson
A consultants report for regulator ComReg calls for substantial frequency release after digital switchover and recommends the setting aside of an "innovation reserve."
CEPT brings in new procedures following WRC splits by Scott Billquist, Geneva Correspondent
European regulators have agreed to proposals for strengthening their agreed common positions after Russia and other countries were criticised for undermining these at last year’s World Radio Conference.
Ofcom researches environmental obligations by Martin Sims
The UK regulator has commissioned a study to help it decide whether environmental protection should be added to its list of regulatory duties.
October 2008 printed issue available for download by Martin Sims
Our top story this month is the European Parliament’s final verdict on the spectrum reform proposals contained in the Telecoms Framework Review.
Reserve price seen as too high in D Block reauction proposals by Michael Newlands
The new proposals for auctioning D Block in the US seem to be as highly politicised as the proposals for rescuing Wall Street, which were being discussed by lawmakers at the same time.
Parliament waters down Commission’s radicalism by Martin Sims
MEPs have voted through their amendments to the Commission’s Framework Review package. Viviane Reding wishes the spectrum reform had gone further but welcomes the Parliament’s commitment to flexibility and harmonisation.
Whitespace investigation stalls amid recriminations by Michael Newlands
The whitespace debate in the US is becoming increasingly acrimonious with the implications of the latest tests hotly disputed and the technology companies accusing broadcasters of running a misleading advertising campaign.
Funding of telecoms regulator set to dominate MEP's vote by Nathalie Vandystadt, Brussels Correspondent
The European Parliament’s vote on the telecoms framework review has been put back from Tuesday to Wednesday this week. A compromise on spectrum management flexibility is a key part of the proposals.
Irish regulator publishes spectrum strategy by Jonathan Watson
ComReg favourably disposed towards spectrum trading; industry seeks clarification on digital dividend
Free wireless broadband for US caught up in political and legal storm by Michael Newlands
Should the company hoping to provide free wireless broadband have to pay for the spectrum? Will the offering interfere with existing mobile services? Just some of the questions holding up the release of AWS-3 spectrum in the US
FCC chairman issues new D Block proposals by Michael Newlands
Kevin Martin, the chairman of US regulator the FCC, has come up with a complex new proposal for auctioning off D Block which fell a long way short of its $1.3 billion reserve price in the 700MHz auction this spring.
Does spectrum policy ignore environmental issues? by Dugie Standeford
There seems little evidence of spectrum regulators addressing the issue of saving energy, a dimension which could be particularly important in allocating the digital dividend.