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Sep 23, 2008 by admin

Could there be a world trade agreement on spectrum? by Martin Sims
With a secondary market operating in an increasing number of countries is it time for a specific set of WTO agreements on spectrum management? Some thought has clearly been given to this issue in diplomatic circles, writes Scott Billquist.
Google turns attention to TV white space and the rest of the world by Martin Sims
Following what it regards as a successful campaign in the US 700MHz auction, Google is stepping up its lobbying for “greater wireless choice and innovation” both in the US and internationally.
Mobiles services on aircraft surge ahead...except in the US by Martin Sims
The last few weeks have a seen a series of milestones for the use of mobiles on aircraft in Europe including the first authorised calls; approval from the UK regulator and the imminent arrival of a commercial service in Ireland.
MEPs hold inconclusive public hearing on digital dividend by Martin Sims
The Industry Committee's latest mini-hearing saw some familiar arguments raised but little sign of emerging political agreement.
Digital dividend: is a compromise emerging? by Martin Sims
With growing support for the European Commission’s 'clusters' approach and Vodafone saying broadcasters should get HD spectrum, a meeting of minds on the principles of reusing the analogue TV bands appears closer.
April 2008 printed issue available for download by Martin Sims
Our top story this month is the new mood of compromise over allocating the released analogue TV frequencies
700MHz auction fails to produce 'third-pipe' broadband operator by Martin Sims
With the results of America’s 'hundred-year auction' now known it's good news for the Treasury and the two dominant telcos, but for consumers it's more of the same with no guarantee of increased competition in the broadband market.
Commission spectrum proposals get rough ride in Parliament by Martin Sims
Concerns about harmonisation, democratic accountability, a lack of clarity and devolving powers to Brussels are delaying the progress of the telecoms framework review package.
Sale of the century comes to an end by Martin Sims
America’s 'hundred-year auction', the 700MHz auction selling off prime spectrum released by switching off the analogue broadcasting signal, has finally closed.
ITU considers how to stimulate global development of cognitive radio by Martin Sims
A globally harmonised pilot channel or a database system are among the options, writes our Geneva correspondent Scott Billquist in his second article on the ITU's approach to cognitive radio.
Growing support for set top box subsidies by Martin Sims
Giving TV viewers a financial incentive to upgrade to more spectrally efficient set top boxes is gaining influential backers and looking increasingly attractive as a way of getting more services into UHF.
ITU invites proposals for '4G' by Martin Sims
This month the Radiocommunication Bureau is due to solicit candidate technologies for IMT-Advanced, popularly known as '4G'
Brussels softens line on digital dividend by Martin Sims
The European Commission has retreated from the idea of mandating policy on analogue TV spectrum release and is now advocating broad political buy-in and detailed impact assessments.
Band manager buys spectrum in low-key UK auction by Martin Sims
Ofcom’s fourth radio spectrum auction went ahead quietly in February with a large amount of spectrum being sold for comparatively little money.
UHF would be a 'failed market' says broadcasters' study by Martin Sims
Liberalising broadcasting frequencies would not generate significant economic value nor provide ubiquitous rural broadband say economists commissioned by TV industry. They also warn of damage to the broadcast sector.
Should we re-invent ourselves? by Martin Sims
The European Regulators group, CEPT, is asking whether its role needs to be revised in response to Brussels’ proposal for a pan-European regulator and other developments.
March 2008 printed issue available for download by Martin Sims
Our top story this month is the UK military's imminent announcement of spectrum release plans.
ITU considers regulatory implications of cognitive radio by Martin Sims
In the first of two articles our Geneva correspondent Scott Billquist explains how the ITU is building on earlier studies of software defined radio to find ways of fitting cognitive services into the Radio Regulations
US auction breaks financial records but will it achieve FCC objective? by Martin Sims
The results of the FCC's 700MHz auction are likely to be a 'mess' according to one analyst because it is unlikely to fulfil its original promise of creating the next generation of broadband services.
UK military to present spectrum release plans 'in May' by Martin Sims
Ofcom has finalised the framework to allow commercial usage of military frequencies. The Ministry of Defence appears keen to profit from the arrangement, but doubts remain about applying this model to commercial spectrum sharing.