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Sep 08, 2015 by admin

RSPG opposes mandatory peer reviews of European licence awards by Kane Mumford
The measure suggested by the European Commission in its review of the EU telecommunications regulatory framework could increase legal uncertainty and bureaucracy and would not effectively achieve the intended benefits, said the group.
European Parliament approves 700 MHz proposal by Kane Mumford
With the European Council and European Commission agreeing to a revised proposal in December, the Parliament’s assent means the process is now complete.
BT/EE questions demand for "consistently high data speeds" by Kane Mumford
In its response to the UK regulator’s consultation on the auction of 3.5 GHz and 2.3 GHz spectrum, BT/EE said operators were not facing a capacity strain.
Italy plans five 5G city trials in 3.4-3.8 GHz band by 2020 by Kane Mumford
Italy's Ministry for Economic Development (MISE) picked cities that are located in a variety of geographical areas and can offer access to 3.7-3.8 GHz spectrum. Telecom Italia has also announced plans to hold a 5G trial in Turin.
Was the US broadcast spectrum incentive auction successful? by Dugie Standeford
The auction, which aimed to clear broadcasters out of 144 MHz of spectrum in the 600 MHz band for wireless services, ended up clearing only 84 MHz. Some call that a failure, while others, including an FCC commissioner, say it's a successful enough experiment to encourage more such auctions down the line.
Autonomous driving stalls at latest 3GPP meeting by Kane Mumford
As expected, members agreed to accelerate specifications for enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) in Release 15, leaving work on autonomous driving and network sharing to future releases.
UK regulator to allow Wi-Fi at 5.8 GHz before rest of EU by Dugie Standeford
Ofcom has proposed opening the 5725-5850 MHz band for Wi-Fi applications ahead of discussions on the issue at WRC-19. The decision was based on the absence of any EC decision governing the band and on a "lack of compelling arguments" not to proceed.
UK government to prioritise release of public sector spectrum for 5G by Dugie Standeford
The UK wants to be a leader in 5G rollout, its government said in a policy paper published yesterday. That includes releasing or sharing more government spectrum and the possibility of enabling 5G services in the 3.8-4.2 GHz band.
Polish regulator to reassign 450 MHz spectrum by Jaroslaw Adamowski
Poland’s telecoms regulator UKE plans to reassign spectrum in the 450 MHz band after Orange Poland decided not to extend its licence for a price it considers excessive.
High spectrum prices damage mobile market development, GSMA study claims by Kane Mumford
The average final price paid in spectrum auctions increased by 250 per cent between 2008 and 2016, according to a study carried out for mobile industry association the GSMA. Reserve prices have more than quadrupled in the same period, the study says.
3GPP works on LTE Broadcast as Australian operator announces trial by Kane Mumford
The technology-in-search-of-a-business-model will see key requirements added that could pave the way for wider adoption.
Arqiva and Samsung to use 28 GHz band for "5G" trial in UK by Kane Mumford
The network infrastructure firm and technology giant are teaming up to provide a network that Arqiva believes can be described as 5G. However, some are critical of this use of terminology.
European Commission vice president stresses need for 5G interoperability by Kane Mumford
As a slew of vendors and operators signal their commitment to 5G new radio trials, Andrus Ansip used his address at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) to reiterate the European Commission’s position on 5G and warn against fragmentation.
Clearing 700 MHz for 5G "not easy" for Italy by Dugie Standeford
The Italian government needs to clear the band by no later than 2022 for mobile broadband services and ultimately 5G, but is hampered by an abundance of TV multiplexes.
Qualcomm, China Mobile and ZTE to test 3GPP specifications in 3.5 GHz band by Kane Mumford
The companies are planning interoperability tests and field trials based on the as-yet undefined 3GPP standard for 5G and are focusing on a standalone new radio network.
FCC approves first LTE-U devices in 5 GHz band by Dugie Standeford
The first-ever authorisation for LTE-Unlicensed (LTE-U) devices to operate in the Wi-Fi 5 GHz band will be a win for consumers, the US regulator says. Public interest groups aren't so sure, saying the FCC risks disrupting new Wi-Fi services. T-Mobile said it would launch LTE-U services in the spring.
UK regulator rules out 450-470 MHz alignment with rest of Europe by Kane Mumford
Ofcom has signalled the end of a long-running discussion over whether 450-470 MHz should be harmonised with the rest of Europe, saying it is not necessary or proportionate to do so.
Standards development does not match UK's LTE PPDR network timescales by Kane Mumford
The UK's Emergency Services Network (ESN) project is due to launch this September but the development of standards is not following the same schedule. Erik Guttman of 3GPP told PolicyTracker that the UK Home Office has worked closely with 3GPP but said it was up to organisations how they use its standards.
We know exactly what 5G is, says ETSI CTO by Kane Mumford
ETSI chief technical officer Adrian Scrase says 5G will at least initially be focused on enhanced mobile broadband.
Hearing in Commission vs Council WRC-15 case due in May by Kane Mumford
A hearing due to take place at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on 2 May will provide the basis for a ruling on just how much influence the European Commission should have over international spectrum bargaining positions.