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Free content » Spectrum policy round up 12.2.14

Spectrum policy round up 12.2.14

Is Licensed Shared Access ready for take-off?

Wenshuan Dang, a senior network architect at Huawei, told a conference in Munich earlier this week that 5G could “enable LSA”.

But while 5G remains an intractable and largely theoretical concept, Licensed Shared Access (LSA) is a real existing regulatory framework that is now on the cusp of either widespread adoption or terminal obscurity.

Many spectrum managers reckon that the only way to avert the spectrum crunch is through some sort of spectrum sharing. Licensed Shared Access (or "Authorised Shared Access") was first invented by Nokia and Qualcomm as a way for non-commercial entities to share their spectrum while retaining their control over it.

The EU's Radio Spectrum Policy Group released an enthusiastic report on LSA in November and CEPT has just launched a consultation on the technical conditions for 2.3 GHz, a band widely tipped to be used to pioneer LSA in Europe.

However, LSA is by no means the only way to share spectrum. Microsoft is betting that in the future spectrum will be accessed dynamically and academics praise the success of the unlicensed free-for-all that is Wi-Fi. At the same time, ultra-wideband remains a cautionary tale for those who invest in spectrum sharing.

Another risk for LSA is an undercurrent of ambiguity about its effectiveness. The day after the conference, the GSM Association said spectrum sharing can only ever be complementary to exclusive spectrum licences.

The question remains: will the combined support of the next generation of technology, the European Commission, Nokia and Qualcomm be enough to push the fledgling regulatory regime to the forefront of spectrum management?

Toby Youell, PolicyTracker

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Wide-ranging policy recommendations for the US broadcast spectrum incentive auction will be handed to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the spring, the head of its incentive auction task force said at a 30 January meeting.

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Feb 05, 2014 by Toby Youell

Ooredoo and Telenor pledge to roll out networks using the 900 MHz and 2.1 GHz bands.

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The PolicyTracker Monthly Edition: February 2014 Premium

Feb 03, 2014 by Jonathan Watson

This month we report on the Commission's creation of a high level group to provide recommendations for the UHF band in Europe, and on the difficulties the US and Latin America are having in agreeing on their positions for WRC-15. We also include updates from Colombia, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the UK and the US.

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LA broadcasters to share spectrum in key US trial Premium

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Pilot project aims to demonstrate technical feasibility of spectrum sharing to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

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A seemingly unresolvable split between the US broadcasting and mobile sectors over possible primary allocation of the 470-698 MHz band for mobile broadband has left the Federal Communications Commission WRC-15 Advisory Committee (WAC) without a consensus recommendation for the US bargaining position. Europe's CEPT said the 470-694 MHz band should be considered for wireless services subject to sharing and compatibility studies.

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Colombian operators could be stripped of mobile assets Premium

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Telecom New Zealand gets last available 700 MHz spectrum Free

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The telco is paying more for one 2 x 5 MHz block than it paid for three similar blocks last October.

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Broadcasters bet on the bottom line Premium

TV delivers more bang per bit than mobile according to....well, that would spoil the surprise....

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The adoption of GPRS for railway communications could save the SRD community from having to deal with interference.

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French 700 MHz auction will be after WRC-15 Premium

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France still plans to allocate spectrum in the 700 MHz band to mobile, but not as quickly as some have suggested.

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The UK regulator hopes the decision will enable road, rail, air and sea passengers to get access to broadband services.

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Jan 21, 2014 by Jaroslaw Adamowski

Bidders may only have to pay a small penalty if they withdraw from Poland's auction of spectrum in the 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz bands. However, UKE says its decision to force operators to pay a further deposit if prices get unreasonably high will prevent predatory bidding.

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