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Feb 03, 2014 by admin

The PolicyTracker newsletter is a paid subscription service but we also try to make some free content available, such as blogs, opinion pieces and our sector summary: the spectrum policy round up.

Inmarsat launch: regulatory fudge or technical triumph? by Kane Mumford
Inmarsat’s new MSS satellite has escaped the forces of gravity and member state lobbying and is now safely orbiting the earth, put there by rocket fuel and the London firm’s own lobbying force.
Spectrum policy round up 30.6.17 by Martin Sims
What is really holding back “5G” in Europe? by Kane Mumford
Industry associations are putting slow progress down to legislators lack of vision – but a lack of innovative use of spectrum is the real problem.
Spectrum policy round up 9.6.17 by Martin Sims
Make your mind up time by Kane Mumford
Spectrum wars 2.0 by Kane Mumford
Spectrum policy round up 21.4.17 by Martin Sims
Does competition require equal shares of spectrum? by Kane Mumford
Spectrum policy round up 24.3.17 by Martin Sims
Spectrum policy round up 17.3.17 by Martin Sims
5G or not 5G? by Kane Mumford
3GPP’s Release 15 will probably bear the “5G stamp”. This means that there is nothing to stop marketers calling LTE and LTE-advanced technology included in the final documentation “5G” when it is approved around the end of 2018.
Spectrum policy round up 27.1.17 by Martin Sims
Has social media ruined the consultation process? by Kane Mumford
Make the Air Fair’s campaign may be an oversimplification of the facts. Still, the people have spoken. What will Ofcom do about it?
Spectrum policy round up 13.1.17 by Martin Sims
Spectrum policy round up 6.1.17 by Martin Sims
Ofcom has kept up well with the challenges of the UK 4G PPDR network by Kane Mumford
As the UK broadband PPDR network is called into question by parliament, regulators around the world will be looking to the project to see what lessons they can learn.
Spectrum policy round up 18.11.16 by Martin Sims
Spectrum policy round up 3.11.16 by Martin Sims
Does European backing for 26 GHz change the 5G equation? by Martin Sims
Spectrum policy round up 20.10.16 by Martin Sims
Does 2+2 = 5G? by Kane Mumford
5G is like the great Gold Rush of the American West, except no one knows if there is actually any gold. But if there is, should mobile be digging for it in the lower-UHF band?
Spectrum policy round up 15.9.16 by Martin Sims
The US/EU policy divide over 5G by Kane Mumford
Brussels will be involved in every aspect of 5G development. The FCC won't. We're in a familiar place but this time its important we work together.
Spectrum policy round up 4.8.16 by Martin Sims
A sad day... by Martin Sims
It's difficult to be impartial about the UK's vote to leave the EU.