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Research reports on key industry issues

Jun 27, 2017 by admin

PolicyTracker's consulting arm produces regular research reports focussing on emerging areas of spectrum policy, often in association with leading experts in the field

The 4G and 5G Spectrum Guide by Martin Sims
An indispensable reference for spectrum professionals, this report is the leading authority on current mobile frequencies and bands which could be used for 5G.
5G and its vertical markets: challenges and opportunities 2015-2030 by admin
5G is the first mobile technology to focus from the outset on providing services beyond voice telephony or mobile broadband. This report assesses the economic prospects for addressing those “vertical” markets as well as the outlook for traditional voice and data services.
The Prospects for LTE Broadcast by admin
LTE Broadcast means that mobile networks are no longer a purely one-to-one medium: they now have the capacity to send content to many users simultaneously. Our new report considers how this will change the industry and the possible effects on traditional terrestrial broadcasting
WRC-15 Briefing by admin
This 37 page report gives an easily understandable overview of the key issues to be discussed at the forthcoming World Radio Conference, identifying the common ground, the areas of disagreement and likely outcomes.
Strategic Implications of the Second Digital Dividend by admin
This 113 page report explores the strategic implications of the second digital dividend for European mobile network, operators, broadcasters, device manufacturers and regulators. Using scenario analysis, the report considers the potential impacts on the mobile market and related fields.
Developing a Global Ecosystem for TV White Spaces by admin
This 90 page report, written in 2012, evaluates the status of the emerging TV White Spaces (TVWS) industry, assessing developments in regulation, technologies, trials, and applications. It explores what remains to be done for a global TVWS ecosystem to materialise and how long this might take.